Upgrading a card is essential to make the card more powerfull and also have better combo card with it. Upgrading a card will either upgrade a certain one or two stats of the card (some skills/perks like ex. Gas skill and all other ones can only appear after upgrading a card couple of times):

  • Always:
    • Health
    • Attack
  • Sometimes/Often (but mostly often in first levels of a rare, epic, legendary card):
    • Crazed
    • Gas
    • Block/Wall
    • Leech
    • (Bear) Trap
    • Boost or All boost -> friendly OR all card(s)
    • Attack Battery Power
    • Health Battery Power
    • Shield or All Shield -> friendly OR all card(s)
    • etc.
Questicon fuse

To upgrade your cards:

  • Click 'Deck' on the home screen.
  • Select a card that you want to upgrade.  
    • You can use the left and right arrows to see how your card change if you upgrade it. 
    • The cost of the upgrade is shown in the bottom right of your screen in a green button.
    • The cost of upgrading will vary depending on what level the card is currently.
  • Click the green 'Upgrade' button to perform the upgrade.
  • Confirm your Upgrade

To fuse your cards:

  • To fuse your cards, you must have two (2) fully upgraded versions of the same card.
  • Click the 'Deck' menu on your home screen.
  • Select a card that you want to fuse.
  • Click the green 'Fuse Cards' button and your two cards will be fused into a single, stronger card that can be further upgraded for strength.
  • You can take two fully upgraded, fused cards to fuse one more time for an even more powerful card!