BB heroportrait tina

Tina Belcher, Bob's Burgers

Tina is an unlockable hero in Animation Throwdown and becomes available at Arena Rank 12.

Hero Stats

Level Health Heal Cripple All
1 27
2 30 1
3 33 1
4 37 2
5 42 2
6 48 2 1
7 54 3 1
8 61 4 1
9 69 4 1
10 77 4 2

Dialogue Exchanges

These are comments this Hero says to opposing characters in Arena Mode.

"I was an early bloomer actually."
"If we weren't in this card fight, I think we'd be friends."
"You look like you'd be a good dancer."
"I'm ready to dominate."
"Are you wearing my dad's shirt?"
"Your ass is grass and I'm going to mow it."
"Hey Mr. Gribble. I'm actually here to ask Joseph on a date."
"Ooo, a bad boy. I bet women are all over you."
"Yeah, I smoke too, but only to try and look cool."
John Redcorn
"Hey, John Redcorn."
"Ou, la, la. Tina likes what Tina sees."
"Your muscles make my heart ripple."
"Oh hey, you seem like a nice man. Want to have a card fight?"
"Get ready to meet Tough Tina."
"I'm a strong, sensual woman. Does that scare you?"
"You smell like my brother Gene."
"Are you a tiny horse? No wait, you're just a disgusting dog."
"I usually love animals, but you're horrible."
"I've never fought a baby before. This should be fun."
"I hope me and Jimmy Jr's future baby is nothing like you."
"This fight contains material that may not be suitable for all ages."
"Oh Consuela, your words are like poetry."
"What's it like being the object of desire for every boy you meet."
"I bet you could teach me a lot about boys."
The Giant Chicken
"This is such a snoregasm."
"Don't have a crap attack, Tina."
"Time for two charm bombs to explode."
"Okay Tina, you can do this. You can beat your little sister."
"I know your rage is just a mask covering up your love for your family."
"We're sisters. We should only fight over boys we both like."
"If you need me, I'll be down here on the floor dying."
"Dad, if you believe you're beautiful, you will be."
"Maybe we could do something about that hair."
"C'mon Tina, you're not intimidated by strong women. Oh, yes you are."
"Don't be such a boob-punch."
"Has your heart ever pooped its pants?"
"I'm going to beat you, you gorgeous idiot!"
"You smell like sausage sweats." 
"I'm about to dislocate your heart. And my shoulders."
"I love your freewheeling spirit."
"I'm going to kick your beautiful metal butt."
"An erotic book about robots? What a great idea."
Zapp Brannigan
"Let's fight, which will probably turn into butt-touching."
"I could write a whole book about your eyes, and I will."
"Oh my gosh, your thighs are making my thighs tingle."
"I'm usually into butts, but I don't hate your shoulders."
"I bet that's what Jimmy Jr.'s chin is going to look like."
"Men with badges are always sexy."
"You are going in my butt bank."
"Are you a zombie?"
"If you want to dazzle, you've got to take the razzles."
"You are a very strange little guy, aren't you?"
Ricky Spanish
"I've never hated anyone as much as you Ricky Spanish."
"Wow, Ricky Spanish I wouldn't even look at your butt."
"Oh hey, Ricky Spanish, you're terrible."