FG heroportrait stewie

Stewie Griffin (Family Guy)

"Got my tea cup here. Now all I need is a tea bag"

Stewie is an unlockable hero in Animation Throwdown and becomes available at Arena Rank 2.

Hero Stats

Level Health Skills
1 21 N/A
2 24 Punch 1
3 28 Heal* 1

Punch 1

4 33 Heal* 2

Punch 1

5 39 Heal* 2

Punch 1

6 45 Heal* 3

Punch 1

7 51 Heal* 3

Punch 1

8 58 Heal* 3

Punch 2

9 65 Heal* 4

Punch 2

10 72 Heal* 4

Punch 3

*Heals only Family Guy cards

 Dialogue Exchanges

These are comments this Hero says to opposing characters in Arena Mode.

"Eat my shorts! That's your silly catchphrase, right?"
"Don't have a cow! Bam! I'm getting you with your own material."
"I'm so sorry. I think I may have mistaken you for someone else."
"How charming. A bumpkin."
'You poor, simple man."
"Look, I'm just going to put you out of your misery."
John Redcorn
"I faked it, Brian. I faked it every time."
"Here's some new material for your damn novel."
"Where's my money? You gonna give me my money, man?"
"I've always wondered if the cleaning lady could take a punch."
"They've got Orange Pledge now, too.  You should branch out a little."
"You don't know what the word "mister" means, do you?"
The Giant Chicken
"Look at you. You're a mess."
"Do you kiss boys with that filthy mouth of yours? Didn't think so."
"Someone with your looks should be much smarter than you are."
"When I'm through with you I'm taking that hat."
"Wonderful. A child. I hate children."
"That hat is certainly a fashion choice."
"For every bad pun you make, I will kill you."
"After we fight, I may need to borrow your spaceship."
"Don't worry, I'm comfortable fighting a woman."
"Taste my wrath, you monocular monstrosity!"
"Look here, we're both from the 90s. Can't we just get along?"
"Stop that! Time travel was my idea."
"Kill all humans? How deliciously fun!"
"An evil robot? Ooh, I like you."
Zapp Brannigan
"You're about to get beaten unconscious by a baby."
"Great, another macho stud in a short skirt. What is this, Tuesday?"
"Hand over your weapon and one of us won't get hurt."
"My, you're going to ba a virgin your entire life, aren't you?"
"This game isn't big enough for the both of us."
"My, those outfits are fabulous!"
Roger, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."
Ricky Spanish