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Research tab can be access from the upper left corner of the main menu. Here you can use Research Pods to unlock combos using two different cards, up to two researches at a time. This island is designed in Futurama theme.

How to research

  • Click 'Research' on the home screen.
  • Click on one of the Cryogenic tubes.
  • Place two cards into the machine (If a character card is placed first, the item cards will be shown. If a item cards is placed first, the character cards will be shown) and click the green research button to get it started

Some additional things to note about researching

  • Combinations have different research times, some are quite fast while some can take a while.
    • As from Monday 24.10.2016 (EU) / 24.10.2016 (USA), players that install the game will get basic research time (4x longer) while those players before that date had and will have short research time, listed below.
Card 1 Card 2 Research Time Combo's Rarity
Common Common 1 hour Common
Common Rare 8 hours Rare
Common Epic 8 hours Rare
Common Legendary 24 hours Epic
Rare Common 8 hours Rare
Rare Rare 8 hours Rare
Rare Epic 24 hours Epic
Rare Legendary 24 hours Epic
Epic Common 8 hours Rare
Epic Rare 24 hours Epic
Epic Epic 24 hours Epic
Epic Legendary 96 hours Legendary
Legendary Common 24 hours Epic
Legendary Rare 24 hours Epic
Legendary Epic 96 hours Legendary
Legendary Legendary 96 hours Legendary
  • Not all cards can be combined, for example power cards can't be combined in general.
  • Combos you have already unlocked are marked with a green checkmark.
  • You can speed up your research with Gems by clicking the cryo-tube while research is in progress and selecting “Finish Now.”
    • The amount of Gems required to finish your research early will vary depending on the time to completion remaining.