BB heroportrait louise

Louise Belcher, Bob's Burgers

Louise is an unlockable hero in Animation Throwdown and becomes available at Arena Rank 3.

 Hero Stats

Level Health Cripple Punch Cheer (Bob's Burger's Card)
1 20
2 23 1
3 27 1 1
4 31 1 1 1
5 36 2 1 1
6 42 2 1 2
7 48 2 1 2
8 55 2 2 2
9 62 3 2 2
10 70 3 2 3

 Dialogue Exchanges

These are comments this Hero says to opposing characters in Arena Mode.

"Do you want to fight or sing a song together?"
"This hardly seems like a fair fight."
"I need to take care of you quick before you start pubing out."
John Redcorn
"Ever been beaten up by a tiny girl? Don't answer that."
"You're finished, Peter Griffin, if that is your real name."
"Bad dog. Bad, bad, Doggy!"
"Fighting dogs is not illegal in this state, I assume."
"You poop in the yard!"
"I like punching ba-bies. I like punching ba-bies."
"I'm going to kick you like a football... for a home-run!"
"It's time to get beat up, you baby."
"I hope you've got a clean diaper, 'cause you're gonna need it!"
"I'm gonna make enchiladas out of your face!"
"You're going to be saying "si, si" when I give you a black eye!"
"Damn it, I am not a mister!"
The Giant Chicken
"No wonder no one likes women."
"Are there any characters in this game you haven't perved up?"
"Messing with you is a privilege, not a right."
"I will use my stinky gas to defeat you!"
"I can't be mad at you. Just kidding, let's fight!"
"This is for always being right!"
"You're going to wish you'd never been born meaning I wouldn't be born."
"I'm gonna wipe that mustache clean off your face!"
"Somebody call the burn unit, 'cause you're toast!"
"Awww, Dad I could never hurt you... Just kidding! Let's fight!"
"Why have you stolen my heart, you vixen?"
"I might not beat you in a fight, but I'll fight you with a beat."
"Ooh la la. You're scary."
"I'm going to knock that dumb look off your face with my cards!"
"You're shiny and stretchy!"
"Who ordered a sarcastic can of soup?"
"All robots must die!"
"You're about to cry so hard that you'll rust!"
Zapp Brannigan
"And I thought Tina was a nerd. Yikes"
"Even if you win, I will fart on you."
Ricky Spanish