Legendary cards and combos are purple in color. They are the most rarest of all cards normally found in special event packs and very rarely obtained in normal card pack.  Research of two legendary cards, or a legendary card with an epic one, takes 24 hours and results in a legendary combo.

Legendary Characters Show
Roger American Dad!
Klaus Heisler American Dad!
Steve Smith American Dad!
Tina Bob's Burgers
Peter Family Guy
Chris Griffin Family Guy
Bender Futurama
Philip J. Fry Futurama
Bobby King of the Hill
Hank Hill King of the Hill
Legendary Items Show
Blernsball Futurama
Bunny Costume Bob's Burgers
Nibbler on the Roof Futurama
Pawtucket Patriot Ale Family Guy
Roger's Closet American Dad!
Tom Landry Middle School King of the Hill
Welcome Mojitos Bob's Burgers
Legendary Combos Card 1 Card 2
Wrestling Amy Amy Blernsball
Dodgeball Louise Louise Blernsball
Legendary Cards without Combos
Baby Bender