Items have been added to the game and can be accessed from the main menu by clicking the toolbox icon (). In this menu, you will be able to see items you have collected, earned, and/or purchased as well as a description of those items or what they do.



Research acceleration
Research Accelerator

The Research Accelerator reduces the time it takes to research a card combo, relative to its maximum timer. *Players that installed Animation Throwdown on or before Monday, October 24, 2016 were gifted this item at install. This item is permanent and cant be used nor interacted. It is passive item so it will work instantly from when you get it till forever.

Icon arenaRefill
Arena Refill
Instantly adds more Arena Energy.
Icon adventureRefill
Energy Potion
Refills Mission Energy
  • Can be collected from Arena as random drop.
    • As 5 Energy Potion drop