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Card info:

Show: American Dad, Bob's Burgers, Family Guy, Futurama, King of The Hill

Rarity: Common (grey), Rare (green), Epic (blue), Legendary (purple)

  • "Rarity" is not a category in itself, rather a page that has information about the different rarities.
  • Each tier of rarity should be a category so that cards can be easily referenced based on their rarity
  • Category Tagging: "Rarity: *Rarity*" Ex. Rarity:Common

Type: Character(Combo ingredient), Object(Subcatgeories: "Classes" see Combos), Final Form

Traits (8 total): Drunk, Addicted, Hyper, Artsy, Educated, Armed (weapon), Athletic (sports), Rich(moneybag)

Skills: Jab(stick), Sturdy(wall), Cripple*(clamp), Gas(cloud), Shield*(plate), Recover(HPcombo), Boost(ATKcombo), Cheer*(speaker), Heal*(burger), Motivate(music), Crazed(goalie), Fast(clock), Slow("Z"), Punch(glove), Payback(Chomp), Leech(teeth), Bomb.

  • Note: * - indicates potential for *All* (golden icon) and Show-specific (starred icon)

Gameplay elements/Modes:

  • Adventure
  • Arena
  • Deck
  • Research
  • Shop


  1. Re: Category:Cards - Type:
    • Use: classification helps people in easily determining and predicting in researching combinations.
    • Description: Two things are required for a combo: A *character* card and an *Object*  All Objects have a class, for example Alcoholic beverages.  Alcoholic beverages include: Alcohol (generic), Teddy Brewski, etc.  You can combine ANY alcoholic beverage with with a character, and it will yield the same combination product (though perhaps with different stats).  So I suggested the term "Type" to define *Character* or *Object*, and then we could say the .  This And we should somehow indicate that's what it should be defined for... Maybe that should be a sub-heading in the infobox).
  2. Re: Category:Cards - Skills
    • You mentioned before about how you weren't sure if we should include skills in the infobox. I would argue that we should. I understand that not all levels of the card have the skill, but the card does have the "skill potential." This would be useful to indicate if I am looking for cards with a specific skill (at any level). I was doing this today: I wanted to know if any Input/ingredient cards had the skill CRAZED. I had to go through every level of every one of my cards to see if any had it (turns out Bill and Hayley have it). If we use a form to indicate that the card unlocks a skill at n lvl, then it could be useful. Possible forms: (infobox - Bill) Row"n" = Skills(+1@lvls): Crazed-(lvl-4,4*,4**). OR Skills: Crazed-(0+1@lvl-4,4*,4**)

This shows that Bill gains +1 to these skills at lvls 4, 4*, and 4**. It is implied to start at zero. For cards that start at 1, we could just indicate 1 as a level, like this:

(Petercopter) - Skills: Bomb-(lvl 1, 4*,4**) ; Punch-(lvl 4,2**,4**).

We could add an equal sign somewhere to indicate total (redundant, but for clarity)

(Petercopter) - Skills: Bomb-(lvl 1, 4*,4**=3) ; Punch-(lvl 4,2**,4**=3). OR

(Petercopter) - Skills: Bomb-(3 total, lvl 1, 4*,4**) ; Punch-(3 total, lvl 4,2**,4**). OR

(Petercopter) - Skills: Bomb-3(lvl 1, 4*,4**) ; Punch-3(lvl 4,2**,4**).

    • Update Isaiah7300 (talk) 00:21, September 20, 2016 (UTC) -User:TwoInThePink suggested we create an additional item (table/infobox?) for cardpages to designate stat changes at lvl up, and include (multiple) skill columns within this item.

Example: Mushu