Questicon deck

Click on 'Deck' at the home screen to enter the Deck menu.

At this screen you can:

  • View which cards you have in your active deck
  • View cards that you currently have in your inventory
  • Toggle the 'Auto Deck' function, which ensures you have a full 25 playable cards in your deck at all times.
  • Recycle unwanted cards by clicking the Recycle tab.
  • View and change available Heroes by clicking on the hero icon.
    • Note: Here you can preview power-ups of all unlocked heroes as well as stat differences from leveling up.

Card storage details:

  • Decks must contain AT LEAST 25 cards
  • There is a total card storage limit of 100 cards including duplicates (Deck+Storage).
    • If you are at the limit, you will not be permitted to buy card packs.
    • Two ways to reduce card count: Fusion and Recycling.
  • Filters: Cards can be filtered by Rarity, Trait, Fusion level (1-* OR 2-**), Show that the card is from, and Skill.
    • Note: It is possible to apply multiple filters from the same category
    • Note: Filtering is NOT sorting. If you filter a category, it will ONLY show cards from that category. There is not currently a sorting option.