Common cards and combos are gray in color. The Research of two common cards takes 15 minutes and results in a common combo. Researching a common card with a rare or epic takes 2 hours and with a legendary card takes 6 hours. Since 24th of October 2016, the required time is set four times higher per combination instead.

Common Characters Show
Bullock American Dad!
Chris Family Guy
Dale King of the Hill
Dr. Zoidberg Futurama
Fry Futurama
Hank King of the Hill
Linda Bob's Burgers
Lois Family Guy
Mort Bob's Burgers
Steve American Dad!
Common Items Show Type
1980s Steve Painting American Dad! Artistic
20 Big Boys Futurama Rich
Alcohol Game Deck Drunk
Espresso Bob's Burgers
Fukinawa Bob's Burgers Weapon
Fairy Godmother Family Guy Disguise
Fry's Greatest Holophonor Hits Futurama Music
Gamer Family Guy
Hank Hell's Haunted House King of the Hill Disguise
Kuchi Kopi Bob's Burgers Toy
James Woods High School Family Guy
Manitoba Cigarettes King of the Hill Addicted
McBurgertown Family Guy
Pro-Pain! King of the Hill
Steve's Toys American Dad! Toy
Common Combos Card 1 Card 2
Cuddly Little Pet Slinky Dr. Zoidberg Steve's Toys