• NOTE: ~~~~ Info regarding Combos from ShinyMetalMod - posted today to kongregate forum

"Hey there! Each character has a new player bundle offer that comes with a final form of a combo, which is a card that does not require the combo to be played.

    • There are standard cards.
    • There are combos, which occur when two standard cards are put together (after they've been researched).
    • There are final forms, which are the result of combos, but do not require a combo to be played.
    • Future: Then there will be an extended set that includes new event/box cards.

Final form cards have been added for a few reasons, one of them being it will be easier to create cards without having to create an entire set of cards/combos around them, which will be useful for certain types of promotions/events."

(Naming? options for combination product: "Combo", Combo(product), Product)

Card-types: Combining Cards

Possible card-types are: ObjectCharacter, and Combo (see also, Final Forms)

  • Isaiah7300 (talk) 01:13, September 20, 2016 (UTC) - We should focus on compiling pages for standard cards (objects/characters) before starting combos. This is just infrastructure for when we start that.

All combos require two ingredient standard cards: A Character and an Object. When two cards are combined in Research, the result is an unlocked combo that can be used in battle. Similar objects exist in different shows and in different rarities. When different object cards of the same class are combined with the same character, they will (usually: See #anomalies)  produce the same unlocked combo.  

  • Classes (Generic): Air Vehicle, Alcohol, Art, Costume, Drugs/addictants, Land Vehicle, Money, Music, Restaurant, School, Sports, Toy and Weapon.
  • Classes (Non-generic): Videogames, Other (ex. Slurm)
  • ANOMALIES: Unique combos, "misfits", "splits"
    • Unique combos: Some card combination products are unique, I.e. they only have one specific pair of cards that will create them. Examples of these include: Slurm + Fry (Product: Slurm Loco); Hank + Crack (Product: Bass Fisherman Hank)
    • Misfits: Sometimes, object cards from different categories/classes produce an uncharacteristic result. Example: The combo Leela + Drugs produces the same product as Leela + Costume(generic).
    • Splits: Sometimes, 2 object cards from the SAME category/class produce DIFFERENT results, I might've been wrong about this. 

Notes (admin)

  • Object Class (subcategory): card with the attribute Type:Object have *classes*.
  • Usefulness: A card like "Fairy godmother" might be thought to be a character, but it is actually a costume object. Example2: Million dollar bear can is NOT an alcoholic beverage, it's actually a MONEY object..
  • Alcoholic beverages include: Alcohol (generic), Teddy Brewski, etc.  You can combine ANY alcoholic beverage with with a character, and it will yield the same combination product (though perhaps with different stats).