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Combo Card can be created during a battle by putting a Character Card onto a proper Item Card and vice versa. After the battle ends, created Combos are destroyed and can be created again. New combos can be unlocked through Research.

In order to unlock the Combos, they have to be researched in the Research tab. Not all cards can be combined. If cards of a different Rarity are researched, the result combo will be the average Rarity of the cards combined (if the average is in the half of two Rarities, the higher one is chosen).

Value of the base attack and health of the Combo is computed from the attributes of the two cards used (their level, stats and, rarity). However, Skills and Traits of the created Combo are not based on the cards used (except for the value of the Skill/s).


There are Pre-Combo cards AKA Power Cards that are Final Forms of the Combo Cards that can be won in Events, Rumble, and Challenges. These cards can be fused as other cards, hence it is useful in many ways. Pre-combo cards cannot be combined with any card.

How to play a combo in battle

  • Play your first card, character or item.
  • Drag and Drop your second card of the different type (character / item) on top of the first card.
  • You will now have a single, stronger Combo Card in play (in the place of both cards).


  • While the game was only available for some countries, the combo cards system was about combining both cards BEFORE you put it on the battlefield. This was changed. It is unknown why, but it may be because it would be unfair in late adventure battles.


Combine the Fry card with the Alcohol card and it will always create a Drunk Fry combo.

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