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The Cards

Cards are used to play the Animation Throwdown digital card game.

While there are few differences between the 4 types of playable cards, each rarity type differs in power and health, with Common cards being the weakest and easiest to get, and Mythic cards being the strongest and most difficult to get.

  • Additionally, most cards have at least 1 Trait and up to 3 Skills.

Cards can be obtained through a variety of ways:

  • Card Packs can be purchased in the Shop using Itemicon coin.png Coins
  • The optimal spend in the shop is 63,000 Coins because each time the Shop offer 55 common cards, 7 rares cards and only 1 epic card ( if you have enough money ). Spend more is useless because only the number of rare cards is increased. The tips walk only you choose the option maximum purchase, if you choose to buy basic pack is more randomly and the tips doesn't walk.
  • A newly added update now allows you to purchase a new type of card pack called a

    Golden Turd Currency

    Golden Turd Pack.
  • Cards can also be won by participating in the Adventure mode, Rumble, & Arena Brawls.
  • And now you can also play the new Challenges mode to earn Icon WWGen coin 188.png Wonder Wharf Coins to redeem for Hero creates or card packs.

There are several ways to get stronger cards:

  • Cards can be Researched to create Combos
  • Once you get 2 of the same max level cards, you can combine them to create Fused Cards. All cards have the ability to be Double and Quad fused.

Newest Cards