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Brawls are a Special Event that ranks your participation in the Arena.

  • The Brawl dates may change every few weeks - check the Special Events menu or Arena for more information.
  • At the start of a Brawl, players begin to earn Brawl Points by doing normal Arena PvP battles. 

There are two types of rewards for Brawls: 

  • Milestone Rewards are unlocked as you reach the point amounts designated in the Rewards tab of the brawl. Once you hit a milestone, you will automatically receive your reward.
  • Ranking Rewards are awarded to the best players at the end of the event. There will be a 30-minute delay for players to claim their Ranking Rewards after a Brawl Event has ended.

The number of Brawl Points you receive will vary based on opponent difficulty. The further you progress, the more challenging the battles will become and the more points the battles will be worth.