KH heroportrait bobby

Robert Jeffery "Bobby" Hill, King of the Hill

Bobby Hill is one of the as a starting hero in Animation Throwdown.

If another hero is selected as a starting hero, Bobby becomes available at Arena Rank 10.

 Hero Stats

Level Health Punch Shield Cripple
1 22
2 25 1
3 29 1 1
4 34 1 1 1
5 40 1 2 1
6 46 2 2 1
7 52 2 2 2
8 58 2 3 2
9 65 2 3 2
10 72 3 3 2
11 78 3 3 2
12 80 3 3 3
13 86 3 3 3
14 88 3 4 3
15 90 4 4 3

 Dialogue Exchanges

These are comments this Hero says to opposing characters in Arena Mode.

"You're a lover, not a fighter."
"Let's just say we fought and go have a sundae."
"Looks like I'm going to bloody my nose again."
"Mom's not here to save you this time, Dad."
"I hate to embarrass you in front of this one person on their computer."
"Don't make me kick you in the nuts again, Dad."
"I think you're probably in a lower weight class than me."
"I know you're a grownup and that I'm a doughy child, but I'm pretty sure I can take you."
John Redcorn
"I'm a lover not a fighter, how about you."
"Hey, Joseph's mom's friend. I guess we're supposed to fight."
"The man I admire most is my dad, Hank Hill. Not you."
"Right, and I'm the one who shops in the husky section."
"I bet your weakness is cheesecake. Mine is fruit pies."
"We don't have talking dogs in Arlen, Texas. Dangit."
"Fetch. Heel. Play dead. Jump off a cliff. Good boy."
"Just between you and me, is sniffing butts all that?"
"What was that, you wet your pants? Happens to the best of us."
"Okay, I'll fight you. But I won't feel good about myself after."
"Hahaha, you're just a little baby, like my uncle G.H."
"I'm gonna smack you in the face."
"Mom! I have no idea what this lady is saying!"
The Giant Chicken
"We're not children, we're pre-teens damn it!"
"I'm a little worried about being a slut."
"Do you like fruit pies?"
"You know, I used to have an emotional crutch too."
"Can you give me your cute sister's phone number?"
"You might outsmart me, but I am definitely slower than you."
"I'll take two of your finest hamburgers. And make it snappy!"
"I'd love to be able to wear an apron all day."
"You're going to be tough to beat because of how greasy you are."
"Have we met, or am I thinking of my own reflection?
"I don't mind pain. A bee stung my head once."
"My dad would call you a Twig Boy."
"Do they have open mic nights in the future?"
"Are you one of my mom's propane tank robots?"
"Do you come with a remote control?"
Zapp Brannigan
"I bet you could crack pecans with that chin."
"One of our dads is about to be very disappointed."
"So, how many girls have you kissed? Not including beauty school heads."
"Finally I get to fight someone with a similar body type."
"Oh my God! Mr Gribble was right!"
Ricky Spanish