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Bob Belcher, Bob's Burgers

Bob Belcher is available as a starting hero in Animation Throwdown. If Brian is selected as starting hero, Bob becomes available at Arena Rank 7.

If Roger, Leela, or Bobby are selected, Bob becomes available at Arena Rank 8.

Hero Stats

Level Health Cripple Heal All (Bob's Burgers)
1 24
2 27 1
3 31 2
4 35 2 1
5 40 2 1
6 46 2 2
7 53 2 2
8 60 3 2
9 67 3 2
10 75 3 3
11 78 4 3
12 86 4 3
13 89 4 4
14 92 5 4
15 95 5 5

 Dialogue Exchanges

These are comments this Hero says to opposing characters in Arena Mode.

"I have a feeling you would love my restaurant."
"Oh my God, you're joking with this one, right?"
John Redcorn
"Whoa there, big guy. No more burgers for you."
"I hope somebody put some paper down."
"Heel. Heel! Jesus, you're a bad dog."
"I'm allergic to you so let's make this quick."
"Beating up a baby... that's totally cool right?"
"Whoa... and I thought my kids were awful."
"I'm going to beat you but I'm not going to feel good about it."
"When this is over I'm going to need you to work on Gene's room."
"Enough with the Pledge already."
The Giant Chicken
"Okay, one card fight, and then I need you back on the grill."
"Admit it, you look up to me."
"I think it's time I take that hat off your head."
"Hey is that Tom Selleck? It looks like I'm about to fight Tom Selleck.
"Whoa I should probably hit the gym."
"If I'm honest, you intimidate me a lot."
"EYE should keep my EYE on you.Ha! No? Okay, let's just fight then."
"Let's go, you walking talking trash can."
"I bet that body of yours would make a great meat smoker."
"Ah,so that's where I left my canned tomatoes."
Zapp Brannigan
"Great, I hope this kid doesn't start crying again."
"I never thought I'd say this, but you're a bigger loser than Gene."
"Are you sure you're allowed to be naked? Seems wrong."
"Nothing weird about this."
"I will not be outwitted by a talking... whatever it is you are."
Ricky Spanish