FT heroportrait bender

Bender Bending Rodriguez, Futurama

his motto is "Model: Bending Unit 22 / Serial: 2716057 / Attitude: In your face"

his skills are "Cripple All", "Heal". "Shield All"

Bender is an early-unlockable hero in Animation Throwdown and becomes available at Arena Rank 5.

Hero Stats

Level Health Heal

(Futurama Only)

Shield All

(Futurama Only)

Cripple All
1 26
2 29 1
3 33 1
4 38 1 1
5 44 1 1
6 50 2 1
7 57 2 1
8 64 2 1
9 71 3 1
10 78 3 1 1
11 81 3 2 1
12 89 3 2 1
13 92 3 3 1
14 95 3 3 2
15 98 3 4 2

Dialogue Exchanges

These are comments this Hero says to opposing characters in Arena Mode.

"Set phasers to 'plump'"
"I don't hit children. When there are witnesses."
John Redcorn
"You and I both don't exist in real life, do we?"
"Wow, is that a costume with two horses inside?"
"In your face, hairy human!"
"You know, we could join forces and... SNEAK ATTACK!"
"Can I borrow your death ray? I'll give it back after I shoot you."
"Una cerveza, por favor!"
"Listen, lady, I don't know what happened to your Lemon Pledge or your purse!"
The Giant Chicken
"I know I'm in one of your books, and I'm totally okay with that."
"You're as boy-crazy as I am booze-crazy."
"Yeah, Sweetheart. Soak up the Bender!"
"There's nothing more satisfying than the tears of a child."
"Geez, and they say I fly off the handle."
"Some say hitting a girl is wrong. I am not one of those people."
"I'm gonna use your tears for my famous sodium soup!"
"You have a worse temper than the explode-o bot!"
"I'll have you know I am also a great chef. Lots of people say so."
"Your burgers stink! Also, I can't smell things."
"You're pending for a bending."
"Hey, depth perception! Try to hit me! Ow!"
"It's the first of the month roomie, now go take a bath and pay the month's rent!
"Bite my free-to-play metal ass!"
"Bender(s) is great!"
Zapp Brannigan
"Nice Dress, Dork!"
"I was made with a rod up my butt, what's your excuse?"
"You look like you have a lot of asthma."
"Listen up, nerd, it's time to fight with cards!"
"Fine, I'll sign an autograph after this fight."
Ricky Spanish
"I'm gonna rip your arms off Ricky Spanish!"