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The Arena is where you can do Player versus Player battles!

Defeat Arena opponents to earn PvP points (Itemicon pvppoints.png) and rank up. Your Arena Rank is separate from your Adventure level. Winning in the arena will earn you rewards such as hero tokens and Itemicon coin.png Coins ).

New heroes become available as you rank up in the Arena.

Reaching rank 10 will enable you to lose PvP points upon losing a match against a player.

 Hero Unlocks

Gain ranks in PvP to unlock more heroes!

Rank Level to unlock a hero will depend on which hero you started with.
1 Brian Bob Roger Leela Bobby
2 Stewie Stewie Stewie Stewie Stewie
3 Louise Louise Louise Louise Louise
4 Steve Steve Steve Steve Steve
5 Bender Bender Bender Bender Bender
6 Dale Dale Dale Dale Dale
7 Bob Brian Brian Brian Brian
8 Roger Roger Bob Bob Bob
9 Leela Leela Leela Leela Leela
10 Bobby Bobby Bobby Bobby Bobby
11 Peter Peter Peter Peter Peter
12 Tina Tina Tina Tina Tina
13 Stan Stan Stan Stan Stan
14 Fry Fry Fry Fry Fry
15 Hank Hank Hank Hank Hank

Secret Fight Club

Icon SFCcrown.png